Success Stories

client case studies


Saxon Challenge:
After implementing Duck Creek and Systema, Saxon captured 25% market share on the Cayman Islands in their first year of operations. Despite their success, they discovered only 1% of their business was coming through their consumer portal. Saxon needed help redesigning the user experience of the consumer portal to increase traffic. As a small start-up company, it wasn’t economical to hire and train a large pool of Duck Creek experts

Got It Right Solution:
TCube Solutions’ expertise with these core systems made us the natural choice to help Saxon redesign their consumer portal and bring additional products to market, quickly. Before redesigning the consumer portal, TCube recommended migrating to the latest Duck Creek software version to improve system stability and functionality. As part of the portal redesign, Saxon wanted to add credit card processing. We introduced Process One, from One, Inc., which gave them the ability to process credit card transactions securely through a simple interface.

TCube also designed and developed a business intelligence system for Saxon, bringing together data from all three core systems. The new BI solution allows the CFO to analyze Saxon’s product lines and to implement product changes more rapidly.

Dovetail Insurance

Dovetail Challenge:
As a MGU and Business Process Outsourcer, Dovetail needed help managing unpredictable demand for experienced Duck Creek resources. They needed a scalable partner with deep experience to help them augment their existing work-force.

Got It Right Solution:
TCube Solutions provided a pool of senior level experienced Duck Creek resources that Dovetail can direct on a daily basis to manage projects including: version migrations, implementation of new product lines, custom application development, and regression testing.  The flexible staffing model provided by TCube allows Dovetail complete flexibility in allocating resources where the need is the greatest at any given moment.

TCube Solutions experience and flexibility made us the natural choice for Dovetail.

Tier 1 Banking and Insurance Group in the United Kingdom

A Tier 1 Banking and Insurance group located in the United Kingdom needed to migrate from a legacy Insurance Technology platform to modernize their insurance business. TCube Solutions was engaged to provide services for the adoption of the Duck Creek Billing platform.

Got It Right Solution:
The implementation of Duck Creek, along with TCube Solutions’ extensive expertise customizing the platform, was imperative to improving the areas of concern for the banking and insurance group. The scope of the project included implementing a new billing system and restructuring business processes.

TCube Solutions’ experience with strategic systems, partnered with our disposition to remain flexible and include the customer and other implementation partners in all decisions, made us the perfect candidate for the job.

Tier 1 Insurance Group in the United Kingdom

A Tier 1 UK Insurance group needed to restructure the functional design of their billing interface to streamline business processes, create a more seamless experience for their users, and enhance productivity.

Got It Right Solution:
The widespread changes to the billing system were applied effectively thanks to TCube Solutions’ proficiency in implementing the Duck Creek software. The project scope included changes to billing plans, account set-up behavior, collection and payment processing, arrears processing, and disbursements. The customer benefited from the experience and flexible corporate structure offered by TCube Solutions in the complete renovation of their billing system. TCube overhauled the arrears process by replacing manual functionality with a streamlined automation to assist in the collection of overdue debt. A wide variety of payment plans were also added, providing an essential enhancement to the customer journey.

TCube Solutions’ flexibility paired with Duck Creek expertise enabled us to design a successful billing solution that provided the customer with the necessary tools to remain competitive in today’s growing global insurance market.

Tier 1 organization in the United Kingdom

A Tier 1 organization located in the United Kingdom needed to restructure their current integrations and business processes to cater to an expanding customer base in the global travel excursions market.

Got It Right Solution:
TCube Solutions offered a team of seasoned professionals who were well-versed in the Duck Creek technology to implement much needed changes in the customer’s business operations methodology. This included updates to the billing plans, account set-up configuration, GL and disbursement integration. Disbursement integration provided more convenience to customers by decentralizing the means through which they receive reimbursements. The new annualized billing plan provided the organization the ability to minimize past-due debt and provided the customer the flexibility to purchase policies for shorter periods of travel.

TCube Solutions’ comprehensive involvement in, and knowledge of, the United Kingdom markets made us the obvious choice to carry out the requested changes.